4 Elements Of Successful Self Confidence Building

Posted on 4th February 2012 in Self-improvement
4 Elements Of Successful Self Confidence Building

A healthy level of self confidence is something that many people are trying to achieve these days. More and more people like you are finding ways on how to feel better about themselves.

Why? Because we have come to know that confident people attract happiness and get the best things in life. But, you should know that developing a good level of self confidence is not a walk in the park.

The development of your self-confidence starts from childhood and only ends when you die. Over the years, your form a mental picture of yourself mainly based on your interactions with other people and life experiences—this is how your self confidence is built.

If your life is filled with negative events and negative people often, you will end up having self confidence issues. But, the good news is that, a person’s self confidence is not fixed for life—it can be changed over time.

So if you feel that you do not have enough confidence in yourself, don’t fret because you can improve it. But before you can increase your confidence levels, you need to look at yourself carefully and examine the elements that form your self confidence.

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4 Elements Of Successful Self Confidence Building

  • Element #1: Self-love

Do you love yourself? You may think that self love is another word to describe those people who are arrogant or selfish. But no, self love is being able to appreciate who you are as a person—your appearance, your talents and traits.

If your description of your ideal self is far from who you are or what you are as a person, then you are likely to have little love for yourself. One thing you can do to improve your love for yourself is through discovering what you think is missing in you and work on them little by little. If you have certain attributes–be it physical, mental or social traits–that you think is making you feel down, find ways to improve them.

  • Element #2: Self-expression

Your self confidence can increase significantly if you permit yourself to freely think and feel and express these thoughts and feelings outwardly. Everytime you let others keep you from doing these, you erode your self-esteem.

Practicing self expression may be a bit scary at first but this will really give your confidence a boost—people will respect you more because you stand up for your beliefs, thoughts and ideas and you will feel better not having to bottle up what you really think and feel.

  • Element #3: Self-reliance

This is also called independence. How much can you do on your own?  Although they say that no man is an island, and we need others to have a healthy and happy life, we should not depend so much on other people. You can let other people fulfill some of your needs but not all.

If you need people so much that that your feelings, thoughts and the way you do things depend on them, this can really pull your self-confidence down. You should practice to have a healthy level of emotional, physical and mental independence. Only by doing so will you really feel self-reliant.

  • Element #4: Self-worth

How valuable are you as a person in your own eyes? Do you think your skills are useful? Do you see yourself as someone significant to others? Do you think you make a difference in this world? Your answer to these questions show how much you appreciate and value yourself.

For you to be able to highly value yourself, you need to be aware of every aspect of who you are. Only by having a realistic assessment of yourself, will you be able to measure up your worth.

Most people have low self worth because they make the mistake of assessing themselves against others. You will not be able to appreciate yourself if you do this. You should only aim to make yourself a better person not a person better than someone else or everybody else.

Being self-confident is all about how much you value, love, and accept yourself. People with healthy self-confidence levels are able to feel good about themselves, appreciate their own worth, and take pride in their abilities, skills, and accomplishments. If you are not able to feel this way at this moment, don’t worry, it is never too late to start improving how you feel about yourself.

Hopefully, this self confidence building article has helped you understood the components that would lead you to having a positive view of yourself.

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