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Kara Heissman January 19, 2012

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I’m Kara Heissman. I have seen over the years how the quality of our lives can be significantly improved by discovering solutions for life’s difficulties.

While I don’t claim to be an expert, I have great interest in helping others live a more beautiful and fulfilling life. For this very reason, I have decided to share my experiences, knowledge and insights through this humble blog.

Some of the things you can find here include:

  • Self Improvement Plans
  • Effective Solutions To Build Your Self Esteem
  • Confidence Training Courses
  • Importance Of Self Confidence
  • Elements Of Successful Self Confidence Building
  • Tips To Regain Confidence
  • Stress Management Methods, Techniques and Practices
  • Immediate Cures For Stress
  • Natural Stress Relief Methods
  • Stress Management Training Courses
  • Relationship and Dating Advice

There are many things that we can do to become a better, more content person. We can work harder, exercise more, and eat well for example. All of these things are great, no question about it. However, there are many things out there which can propel us to achieve even greater things. Hopefully, you will discover some of these ideas here.

It is my great pleasure to be a part of your journey towards attaining your maximum potential, so please feel free to explore the articles on this site.

All the best,

Kara Heissman
Founder, Contentedlife.org