An 8-Step Self Esteem Course

Posted on 24th January 2012 in Self-improvement
An 8-Step Self Esteem Course

self esteem course

Are you looking for a self esteem course to guide you to in your journey towards improving your self confidence? Well, there is certainly no shortage of those out there; but most of them come with a steep price tag.

If you want to get started on your journey towards without having better self esteem without having to spend big bucks, I have put together for you a simple yet incredibly helpful 8-step self esteem course.

Powerful Self Esteem Course

8 Steps That Can Help Improve Your Self Esteem

Step 1. Stop comparing yourself with other people.

Keep in mind that there will always be people who have more than what you have and some who have less.

Step 2. Stop putting yourself down.

Whether speaking about how you look, your career, your relationships, your financial situation, or any other aspects of your life, avoid self-deprecating comments.

Step 3. Accept compliments.

If you have developed the habit of throwing off compliments, stop it. When you reject a compliment, the message you give yourself is that you are not worthy of praise. Start accepting all compliments with a thank you and see just how good it feels.

Step 4. Use positive self talk.

Positive affirmations are powerful in enhancing your self esteem. This has been proven time and time again by many people. Repeat statements such as “I am valuable” or “I deserve the best in life” and allow yourself to feel the positive energy coming into your life.

Step 5. Associate with positive, supportive people.

Get rid of people who pull you down and make you feel that you are unimportant.

Step 6. Make a list of your positive qualities—at least 20 traits.

What are your traits that you think are most special? Are you honest? Unselfish? Helpful? Creative? Go to this list whenever you are reminded of your perceived inadequacies.

Step 7. Do things that make you happy.

You are likely to feel good about yourself if you spend most of your time doing what you love to do– activities that you enjoy and make you feel valuable.

Step 8. Stop living your life according to how others want you to live it.

Live your own life. This will help you develop self-respect and belief in your own capacities.

I hope this simple self esteem course will help you in one way or another achieve your self development goals. Never allow yourself to live through life with low self esteem because it will keep you from finding success, fulfillment and genuine happiness.

Low self esteem can do more than leave you with a bad feeling. The effects can manifest in your relationships, work, and even your success, or lack of success.

Low self esteem can cause you to become paralyzed by fear of rejection and failure leading to you hardly doing or accomplishing anything in life. It can also lead to intimacy and relationship issues; as the lack of love for self can cause you to become aggressive, passive and defensive towards other people.

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