Counting Down The 4 Best Foods For Weight Loss

Posted on 2nd October 2012 in Health & Fitness
Counting Down The 4 Best Foods For Weight Loss

In terms of losing weight, we all know about how important it is to keep track of how much we are eating. A lot of people even practice calorie counting to make sure that they do not eat more than what they are supposed to.

Although it is important to pay attention to food portions, you should also give value to the types of food that you eat. If you are aiming to lose weight, it is vital to eat healthily and adopt an active lifestyle. Choosing to eat healthier foods will not only help you with your weight issues but will also contribute to a greater sense of well-being.

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Top 4 Foods For Weight Loss

To help you get started on your plans for healthy eating, I have listed below 4 of the best foods for weight loss:

 1. Eggs.

The reason doctors suggest eggs can help in weight loss is that scientific research has proven that the leucine, which is an essential amino acid that is found in eggs, helps in the reduction of weight in your body. Leucine helps in the reduction of the loss of lean tissue when dieting, helps in the promotion of body fat, and is good in stabilizing the levels of blood glucose.

Of course, to obtain maximum weight loss results with the consumption of eggs, it is better to eat eggs boiled or poached. This is because you will not be using any additional fats in its preparation. Avoid scrambling or frying eggs as this needs fat when cooking.

 2. Beans.

Beans have equivalent levels of protein to meat; however, meat provides no fiber nor any antioxidants. Beans not only deliver fiber and antioxidants, they give a lot of it. One cup of cooked beans provides a dozen grams of fiber and this amount of fiber provide you with close to one-half the fiber you require daily.

Because beans are extremely loaded with fiber, when eaten, they make you feel fuller longer . Furthermore, beans also contain cholecystokinin, a digestive hormone that acts as a natural appetite suppressant. So if you are looking for weight loss help, look no further!

3. Nuts.

Studies have shown that nuts are very helpful when it comes to losing weight. Nuts are high in protein and healthy fats, which makes them a great alternative to animal proteins. They are also high in vitamins, minerals and lots of nutritious calories that can help to curb the cravings associated with weight loss.

Another benefit of nuts is that they are plant-based and do not contain any cholesterol or saturated fats. All the oils and fats in nuts are natural and are very good for you, especially for your heart.

Almonds in particular can help you shed pounds. In one study, people who added a daily helping of the nuts to a low-cal diet lost more weight than people who followed the same diet but swapped almonds for a carb-heavy snack like crackers.

4. Vegetables.

High levels of vegetables and greens can help you lose weight because they are low in calories, high in volume and high in critically important nutrients. On a very practical level they fill you up, without loading you up with fat and calories.

And when your stomach is filled up with high volume, low calorie food, there is less room for other bad stuff. There is also a growing body of evidence that shows that plant-based foods help to control food cravings and overeating.

Recent studies have shown that the average adult gains one pound per year, and this steady weight gain is said to be directly related to a individuals food choices. Food is basic necessity; all of us need food to live. However, most people do not realize or simply neglect the reason behind why they eat.

If you really think about it, we humans need to eat to supply our bodies with nutrients which the body uses as fuel for various processes– tissue growth and repair, biochemical reactions, and physical exertion.

Basically, we eat to nourish our body. But often we do not eat for this purpose but instead for the purpose of satisfying our cravings. The foods I have shared above will not only help you resolve your weight issues but will also help you maintain good health.

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