The Truth About Diets For Fast Weight Loss

Posted on 25th September 2012 in Health & Fitness
The Truth About Diets For Fast Weight Loss

Most people nowadays look for the quickest route to anything–to finishing a task, to getting somewhere, to solving their problems. Although it is the sensible thing to do certain things as quickly as possible, this is not advisable when it comes to losing weight.

If you have been struggling with your weight, fad diets promising fast and effortless weight loss can be really enticing. However, it may be beneficial for you to know that taking this convenient option for weight loss comes with serious consequences.

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The Negative Consequences Of Fad Diets

Hearing people say fad diets are dangerous may not be new to you, but in this article, I will try to help you clearly understand the working and dangers of fad diets. Below are some reasons why you should avoid fad diets:

1. Weight Gain Fall Out

Fad diets usually claim that they can help you lose weight quickly and easily with minimal effort. While these claims are often true. But what they do not tell you is that the moment you stop the very restrictive diet and return to your previous eating habits, all the weight you have lost will come back plus some more.

Fad diets will make you lose weight fast, but unfortunately, most of the weight you will lose is just water weight which is quick to come back once you get off the diet.

2. Poor Nutritional Value

Fad diets often require the elimination of certain foods or certain food groups commonly carbohydrates and fat. This clearly deviates the recommended eating guidelines based on the food pyramid.

Although some types of food should be eaten sparingly, they should not be completely omitted in your diet. When you deprive yourself of certain nutrients, there will always be a negative effect in your body. Your skin, hair and nails will show the first signs of malnutrition. But over time, this may lead to more serious health problems like anemia and osteoporosis.

3. Slowing Metabolic Rate

Most fad diets are very restrictive that they provide a structure as to when, how much and what type of food you should be eating. Studies show strict diet plans disrupt the bodys natural ability to signal hunger and satiety thereby negatively affecting the metabolic processes.

Furthermore, the yo-yo cycle of weight loss and weight gain with most fad diets also lead to the same result – a slowed down metabolic rate. What makes things worse is that these effects can last long even after you have diet gotten off the diet.

If a diet promises a quick fix, has claims that sound too good to be true and eliminate one or more of the five food groups, it is likely to be a fad diet you are better off not doing. Devoting yourself to a lifestyle that includes regular exercise and eating a variety of foods with moderate portions is still the best method to lose weight and to keep it off.

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