Eat Stop Eat Review – Is This Just Another Diet Fad?

Posted on 14th May 2012 in Product Reviews
Eat Stop Eat Review – Is This Just Another Diet Fad?

Eat Stop Eat reviewThis Eat Stop Eat review is a short, simple yet comprehensive explanation of what you should and should not expect from this particular weight loss system.

Product Overview

Eat Stop Eat is basically a diet book, but what sets it apart from many others like it out there is its revolutionary and never-been-published-before dieting methods. It introduces a simple yet remarkably effective concept that makes it easy to cut down your weekly calories without having to prepare special meals or do anything extraordinary.

The author of the book says that our bodies are designed to be in a constant cycle of feeding and fasting. When you eat a large amount of food your body stores fat so that you can burn it later when you are faced with an inadequate food supply. Further on, he claims that the key to effortless weight loss is to mimic the dietary patterns of our ancestors by undertaking short but regular fasts and not fasting for short periods of time.

In short, he advises dieters like you to fast for 24 hours, once or twice a week and states that this will produce the same effects as an entire week of very strict dieting. This may seem impossible to do, but he has managed to devise a way actually make this happen. He also recommends some strength training to keep your muscles healthy while you diet.

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What’s You Get When You Order Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat is available in three packages: Basic, Deluxe and Advanced.

The Basic package would include the 91-page‘Eat Stop Eat’ guide; the Deluxe would include the same ‘Eat Stop Eat’ main guide and the 121-page ‘How much protein?’ guide. The Advanced would include those two guides together with a 25-page ‘The Ten Day Diet Solution,’ 6 advanced audio files and transcript which amounts to 2 hours of play time in total, the 22-minute ‘Why Diets Stop Working’ audio file and transcript and the 6 quick interviews with the author by fitness experts in pdf format.

In addition to all these, you would also be getting a 60 day money back guarantee in case you would not find the product helpful at all.

Summary Of Eat Stop Eat’s Good Points

  • The methods stipulated in the program are backed up by scientific research.
  • The program will not require you to avoid some types of food or adjust your normal diet.
  • It has a section dedicated solely to increase awareness on food choices and eating habits.
  • Incredibly easy to follow methods and instructions.
  • Detailed, thorough and well-written guides.

If you have tried so many diet programs and haven’t found any success, then Eat Stop Eat may as well be worth trying. But before you actually go ahead and order it, make sure that you have evaluated the entire program thoroughly. I hope this Eat Stop Eat review has helped you in one way or another.

Eat Stop Eat review

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