Fit Yummy Mummy Review – Can Fit Yummy Mummy Transform You?

Posted on 18th May 2012 in Product Reviews
Fit Yummy Mummy Review – Can Fit Yummy Mummy Transform You?

If you are quite skeptical if this product will really work for you, our Fit Yummy Mummy review will help show you all the facts that you need to know – both the good and the bad.

Product Overview

If you are a mom looking for a way to get your pre-baby body back, then Fit Yummy Mummy might be just what you need. It is a lifestyle program for busy moms who want to gain the fit body that they once had.

With motherhood comes normal physiological changes and responsibilities that eventually cause women to lose their pre-baby figures. Although there are so many fitness, diet and fat loss products in the market today, it can be quite hard to find something that is really tailored for mothers.

Fit Yummy Mummy Review

Package Content

You have two options when you order Fit Yummy Mummy, the basic package or the deluxe package.

With the Basic package you get:

  • The 110-page main Fit Yummy Mummy guide
  • The Busy Mom’s 7-Step Quick-Start Essentials Program
  • The Fit Yummy Mummy Guide to Fast & Easy Meals
  • New Mom’s Jump Start Beginner Workout Program
  • The 6-Minute Circuits Emergency Workout Plan
  • The Dramatic Dress Size Reduction Diet
  • The Secrets to Being a Stylish Mom Without Spending a Hollywood Fortune
  • The MomsTown “How to Get Organized” MP3 Audio Program
  • Fool Proof Nutrition Guide for the Fit Yummy Mummy and Child
  • The Cellulite Cure
  • Meal Plans 101

With the Deluxe package you get:

  • Everything that is in the basic package
  • Turbulence Training for Abs by Craig Ballantyne
  • The Fit Yummy Mummy Introductory & Beginner Workout ONLINE VIDEOS.
  • Audio Interview with Holly Rigsby: “The Top Secrets of Fat Burning Exercise for Moms” (122 minutes)
  • Audio Interview with Holly Rigsby: “Everything You Need to Know About Fat Burning Nutrition for Moms” (63 minutes)
  • Audio Interview with Debbie Happy Cohen: “Mom’s Time Management Guidelines – The #1 Secret to Your Success” (40 minutes)
  • Audio Interview with Dr. Kara Mohr, Ph.D.: “How to Modify Your Eating Behavior for Success” (79 minutes)

Best Features of Fit Yummy Mummy

  • Follow up e-mail coaching series.

One of the most amazing things in the Fit Yummy Mummy is a follow up e-mail coaching series from the author that keeps you on track, gives you daily fitness tips and even healthy recipes. This I think is crucial in keeping each user on track.

  • Comprehensive weight loss plans.

This system teaches you how to lose weight right—it combines diet and exercise perfectly.

  • Easty-to-follow exercise plans.

The exercises are designed so that they are simple and easy—perfect for Moms who have busy schedules.

  • Uncomplicated meal plans.

The nutrition advice is really easy to follow so you don’t have to spend ages cooking weird meals to help you lose weight.

If you have tried a lot of weight loss programs but haven’t found something that really matched you perfectly, then Fit Yummy Mummy may be just what you need. But carefully evaluate the system before actually spending your money on it. I hope you have found this Fit Yummy Mummy review helpful.

Fit Yummy Mummy Review


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