Holistic Acne Cure: Diet, Environment And Hygiene

Posted on 27th May 2013 in Success
Holistic Acne Cure: Diet, Environment And Hygiene

Millions of people wake up every morning and feel sad seeing their blood-scabbed, unsightly-bumped and inflamed acne-affected skin. Acne has come to be the most common skin condition today, affecting over 60 million people in America alone–mostly adolescents and young adults.

Experts say that acne is brought about by a combination of various factors ranging from genetics, hormones, certain medications, cosmetics, stress, diet, physical irritation and environmental pollutants.

Acne is often thought to be a trivial problem, especially when compared to other health conditions. However, studies have shown that its emotional, social and psychological implications and consequences equal those of other chronic medical conditions like psoriasis, diabetes and arthritis. Like these medical conditions, acne can significantly affect a sufferer’s quality of life and even lead to depression, social withdrawal and anxiety.

There are thousands of treatment products for acne–from chemical-based to organic remedies which come in the form of creams, ointments, liquids and pills. Although use of these products can help lessen symptoms of acne, new studies have shown that targeting acne from several angles could increase chances of clearing it out and keeping it off for good. This approach is called the holistic acne cure.

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The Holistic Approach To Curing Acne

Below is a run-down of things you should be watching out for aside from your religious cream, ointment and medication regimen:

1. Watch your diet.

Although the link between diet and acne has long been a source of confusion and debate, new research studies have proven that diet indeed plays a role in the exacerbation and severity of acne.

According to the research, a low glycemic index diet is beneficial for those who are prone to develop acne and for those who want to lessen the severity of its symptoms. Basically, this diet would comprise of fresh produce, high-fiber and low fat foods such as rolled oats, whole wheat bread, carrots, broccoli, apples and apricots. Avoid processed foods or foods that contain high amounts of sugar.

2. Watch your environment.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays, humidity and pollution can worsen acne. These environmental factors have been proven to do either of the following: dehydrate skin or clog pores–both of which lead to breakouts. If you want to clear out acne successfully, you should pay attention to your environment and its effect on your skin.

Although all three factors are important, I would like to emphasize on the factor of humidity. If you live in a place with a humid climate, you need to see to it that you are able to address the issue of oil control properly–keep excess moisture to a minimum but don’t over-dry your skin.

If you live in an area that has a dry climate, make sure that you are able to hydrate your skin properly to avoid dead skin from building up and clogging your pores.

3. Watch your hygiene.

As you must already know by now, breakouts can be exacerbated by clogged pores. And pores can get clogged for a whole variety of reasons–from accumulation of dirt, dust and dead skin cells to the seeping in of oil and chemicals.

One of the most effective way of avoiding the deposition of dirt and oil under the pores of your skin is proper hygiene. By proper, I mean thorough cleaning of the affected areas with dermatologist-approved cleansing agents and water twice or thrice a day.

It is important to note that over-cleansing of your skin or use of harsh soaps may worsen the breakouts. So it is important that you don’t overwash.

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