Natural Stress Relief – Healthy And Simple Ways To Be Stress-Free

Posted on 24th January 2012 in Stress
Natural Stress Relief – Healthy And Simple Ways To Be Stress-Free

Often, the stress that we encounter everyday do not need medications or professional counseling–we can resolve them through simple natural stress relief options.

Stress is something that you and I cannot avoid—it is everywhere and is bound to affect us in one way or another. As a matter of fact, numerous studies show that stress contributes to the development of between 75 – 95% of all illnesses.

Indeed, stress can be quite detrimental, that is why you need to know how to deal with it correctly through natural stress relief methods.

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3 Sources Of Natural Stress Relief

  • Healthy Food

In times of stress, food becomes the automatic go-to source for natural stress relief for many, what is often referred to comfort food. In short, eating can make us feel good when we’re feeling bad! Indeed, certain foods induce a calm and relaxed state but not the traditional comfort foods that we know of.

When we are sad, we see ourselves finding comfort in burgers and fries, cakes and pastries and other junk food. Although these food scan indeed help relieve stress, their effects are but transient. These nutritionally deficient foods can actually leave you feeling heavy and moody; therefore, exacerbating the effect of stress on the body.

So instead of binging on unhealthy food options, go for healthy yet tasty stress remedies! Some of the food that you can help lessen your stress levels are soy products, milk and cheese, fish, poultry, lamb, beef, fruits, leafy green vegetables, legumes, eggs, avocado, bananas and whole grains.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has helped relieve stress since time immemorial. It has been around for ages and has remained to be effective all these years. I would say that this natural stress reliever is one of the easiest and most pleasant options you have.

Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils extracted from plants to induce relaxation or even treatment of some illnesses. In the case of stress, inhaling certain aromas can promote quick mood enhancement and natural stress relief. There are a wide number of essential oils available for effective stress management, but among the most popular are: Eucalyptus, Basil, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lavender, Cedarwood, Orange and Marjoram.

  • Exercise

Exercise has been popularized over the years for the countless benefits it has for a person’s health. It is common knowledge that exercise can keep you from developing degenerative and lifestyle diseases, but not a lot of people know that it too is a powerful natural stress reliever.

Physical activities like running, walking, bicycling, swimming, yoga and others can help relieve stress by taking off your focus off of the issues that may be triggering worry and stress for you, serving as a channel for you to release negative emotions and most importantly helps you look and feel your best.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to deal with stress effectively. I hope that this article served as a reminder about how simple it can be to cope with stress. Natural stress relief methods are simple and often cost-free, so all you need is the will to do them.

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