Simple Confidence Boosters That Can Work Miracles

Posted on 18th February 2012 in Self-improvement
Simple Confidence Boosters That Can Work Miracles

Confidence boosters, in the simplest sense are things or activities that increases a person’s confidence. They are acts that make you feel great about yourself. They can be anything and everything under the sun—it can be as simple as painting a smile on your face to something as challenging as taking on a new sport.

Of course, we all need to feel great about ourselves–you need to to feel great about yourself.

Studies have shown that people who have healthy confidence levels are bound to become more successful, happier and more fulfilled than those with self esteem issues.

Effective Confidence Boosters

10 Simple But Effective Confidence Boosters

To help you raise your self confidence, I have below some simple tips that you can do on a daily basis:

1. Smile.

Although it may seem hard to smile when you are feeling down, studies have shown that if you smile (even in a fake way), it will lift your mood.

2. Dress up.

It may seem shallow to have a confidence boost out of your clothes, but this is actually effective. The way you dress up and the way you look has a big impact on how confident you feel.

So put on your nicest clothes during days when you feel particularly down-hearted. People who dress as if they are confident end up feeling that way.

3. Accept compliments.

Stop the habit of dissing compliments. When someone says something good about you, take it wholeheartedly. Accepting compliments will help you feel good about yourself.

4. Learn something new.

You can learn anything that you want to—language, cooking, biking, sewing or dancing. Doing this will give you a sense of accomplishment. Remember that the more things you learn and the more skills you gain and the greater the confidence you’ll have for yourself.

5. Smell something crisp.

Studies have shown that the scent of green apple and cucumber are effective at reducing anxiety. It is not necessary that you smell the actual fruits, you can buy fragrances that have their scent and spray it on yourself whenever you feel worn down.

6. Stand straight.

Posture has a huge impact on your confidence levels. So put your chin up, roll your shoulders back and stick out your chest for an added zip to your confidence.

7. Eat healthy.

A lot of people eat junk food when they are stressed out believing that these foods will somehow make them feel better. But the fact is that fatty, salty and sweet foods can leave you feeling even worse about yourself. When you are feeling particularly down, choose foods like vegetables, fruits and fish. These choices can lead you to feeling great.

8. Get physical.

It may seem hard to believe, but working out or engaging in physical activities when you feel down can actually help you resolve your negative feelings. Physical activity does not only trigger the release of natural happy hormones but also effectively cool you down from the things that are emotionally stressing you out.

9. List down the good in you.

Make a list of your strengths and your best traits whenever you feel doubtful about your worth.

10. Imagine the world without you.

This may seem too dramatic but this will really help. Try to see the world without you. How would other people be without you? Doing this will help you realize your worth.

These confidence boosters may look good on screen but you can never benefit from them if you just read them. Apply them in your life so you can really appreciate their value. But remember, their benefits will not manifest overnight so you must be ready to employ these confidence boosters with perseverance.

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