5 Simple Tips To Stop Stress

Posted on 22nd February 2012 in Stress
5 Simple Tips To Stop Stress

Everyone wants to stop stress. No one wants to find themselves feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and worn down. But in this modern society that we are living in, stress has become so commonplace—it has become a normal part of life.

Everyday, you and I deal with our own share of deadlines, frustrations and pressure. Although stress in moderate amounts can help push you to do your best, being constantly stressed out can have detrimental effects to your mind and body.

Tips To Stop Stress

If you’ve been struggling with trying to keep your stress levels to a minimum, I have a few tips to help you stop stress effectively.

Tip # 1. Find time each day for relaxation.

To prevent the buildup of stress, spend at least 5 to 10 minutes each day to relax. Set specific times aside to relax your mind and body. Include rest and relaxation in your daily schedule. Don’t allow other obligations to encroach.

You can do just about anything—you can do yoga, take a long bath, go on a quiet stroll, listen to a piece of music, meditate or do a series of muscular exercises. Although short, these quick relaxation breaks can help you put life back in perspective. This is your time to take a break from all responsibilities and recharge your batteries.

Tip  # 2. Sort things out.

Identify the things in your life that is stressing you out and then separate them into two categories: things you can change and things you cannot change. Try to work on the former and let go of the latter. Having a mental picture of your stressors can help you deal with them appropriately.

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Tip  # 3. Eat right.

A lot of people have this habit of “stress eating.” They binge on sweet, fatty or salty food in a belief that these will make them feel better. Little do they know that these kinds of food are only bound to make them feel worse.

Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress– clear, balanced and nutritious meals throughout the day can help you battle through stress effectively. Junk foods may give you a temporary “high” but they will eventually lead you feeling tired and irritable.

Tip  # 4. Exercise.

Aside from the fact that regular physical activity can help keep you fit and prevent the occurrence of numerous lifestyle diseases, it also plays a role in reducing stress levels.

Spending at least 30 minutes of exercise on at least five days a week can help better your mood and improve your overall feeling of wellness.

Tip  # 5. Do only what you are capable of doing.

Do not take more than you can do. In the workplace, it would help if you have a realistic assessment of just what you can do. If you can’t handle your workload, admit it and find other ways to get other tasks done—you can either delegate them or pass them on to someone who is more able to do the tasks.

Studies have shown that stress is a major contributing factor to the development of various mental and physical illnesses. People who are constantly exposed to stress or are thriving in a stressful environment are more likely to get sick compared to those who have less stress in their lives. So act now to stop stress before it gets the best of you.

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