The 11 Forgotten Laws Review – Is It Really The Key To Your Success?

Posted on 24th April 2012 in Product Reviews
The 11 Forgotten Laws Review – Is It Really The Key To Your Success?

This review on the 11 Forgotten Laws aims to help you gain an insight on what this very popular self development technique has to offer you.

The 11 Forgotten Laws is basically a book that covers the 11 Universal Laws of Success. It is written by internationally renowned author and speaker Mary Morrissey and master life and success coach Bob Proctor (one of the key figures in “The Secret”).

If you take a look, you will see that it is an expansion and derivation of the phenomenal and ground-breaking book and film, “The Secret.” An expansion I say, as it aims to take you beyond the Law of Attraction and into a life you truly desire.

The 11 Forgotten Laws review

What Is Inside The 11 Forgotten Laws Program

This program is presented with 95 powerful lessons on 12 CDs, audio transcripts, and the original law of Attraction Blueprint, “Working with the Law” Book by Raymond Holliwell. Below is a brief rundown of the contents of the program.

  • Disc 1 – Working with the Law – How to work with the law that governs every individual’s life and success
  • Disc 2 – Law of Thinking – The power of your thoughts to make you succeed or fail.
  • Disc 3 – Law of Supply – The things you can do to have access to the richest source of abundance on the planet.
  • Disc 4 – Law of Attraction – The right way to maximize the law of attraction.
  • Disc 5 – Law of Receiving – The more you give the more you gain.
  • Disc 6 – Law of Increase – What you praise, grows.
  • Disc 7 – Law of Compensation – How to build the perfect wealth-attracting image.
  • Disc 8 – Law of Non-Resistance- How resistance is pulling you down.
  • Disc 9 – Law of Forgiveness – How to unlock the doorway to the wellspring of forgiveness.
  • Disc 10 – Law of Sacrifice – The inch of discomfort that leads to a mile of bliss.
  • Disc 11 – Law of Obedience – How to be ecstatically joyful and at peace by obeying.
  • Disc 12 – Law of Success – All that you have to do to find success.

What Are The Strengths Of The 11 Forgotten Laws

There are so many “law of attraction” books, courses and programs out there, but here are some of the reasons why I think The 11 Forgotten Laws stands out:

  • You are given various options to learn the course.

Given that the package includes both audio and written materials, you are free to choose how you want to learn the program.

  • The entire course is well-written.

From start to finish, you can tell that the course was painstakingly developed by people who know the field well. Every point is well explained. You would not have any questions left in your mind after you have finished reading the course.

  • 60 Days Of Money Back Guarantee.

In case you would not find the entire package helpful in any way, you have the option to return it and get your money back.

So there’s my brief but comprehensive The 11 Forgotten Laws review, I hope it has helped you get an idea about the entire course and whether it is right for you or not.

The 11 Forgotten Laws review

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