The Unexplainable Store Review – What Is In Store For You?

Posted on 10th May 2012 in Product Reviews
The Unexplainable Store Review – What Is In Store For You?

I made this review of The Unexplainable Store to help answer the general public’s questions about it and the products it offers.

The Unexplainable Store is an internet-based shop that sell crystal and brainwaves product which are said to have the capacity to solve a great deal of health and personal development problems. Basically, all the products in the store are based on the principles of Binaural Beats.

If you have never heard of binaural beats before, they are basically audio tracks which are able to directly affect brainwaves and positively alter feelings, behaviors, even your state of being. These beats are not heard in the normal sense of the word; instead, they are heard by your brain—your brainstem specifically.

Since its discovery in 1839 by a German experimenter, H. W. Dove, binaural beats have been used and marketed for various purposes—to improve mental capacity, to reduce stress and even to change behavior.

What The Unexplainable Store Offers

The products offered in the Unexplainable Store are of two types—audio products and crystal power products. But majority of the customers are veer towards the audio products. Audio products are available in the following categories: Spiritual & Metaphysical, Money & Prosperity, Health & Hygiene, Brain Function, Therapy Recordings, Personal Development and Adult Subjects. While crystal power products are available in the following: Crystal Activation MP3′s, Tumbled Gem Sets, Sacred Geometry Sets, Crystal Rune Sets, Gemstone Pyramids, Gemstone Pendulums and Other Assorted Crystals.

The most ought-after products of the Unexplainable Store are its binaural beat recordings which cover most of the problems that people are facing nowadays–stress, weight loss, sleep issues, depression, addiction, self esteem and many others. More and more people each day are discovering and benefiting from the profound effects of these ground-breaking remedy.

Benefits of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats technology definitely has many desired effects, but here are the top 8 benefits you can get when you listen to them:

1. Profound meditation and relaxation levels
2. Stress reduction
3. Pain management
4. Deep sleep
5. Euphoria
6. Enhanced mental abilities
7. Improved self-confidence
8. Altered states of consciousness

What’s Great About The Unexplainable Store

The Unexplainable Store knows that people are generally skeptical; hence, they have provided a way for interested people to given their products a try. They are 100%  sure that their recordings work, so they are more than generous to provide you with a way to prove it yourself.

Basically, what you just need to do is provide your email address and then you will receive a receive a 20 minute recording in binaural and isochronic format. With the sample you will be receiving, you should expect to experience a change in your state of consciousness and many other possible positive effects enumerated above.

Furthermore, you are also given the opportunity to listen to 1 minute samples of each individual recordings before you buy to give you a feel of what you will be buying.

If you have been having problems related to you confidence, memory, stress levels or if you want to try out a new method to remedy chronic pain and other similar disorders, then The Unexplainable Store may just offer you what you need. I hope you found this The Unexplainable Store review gave you a taste of what to expect.

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