What Makes A Good Weight Loss Plan?

Posted on 4th February 2013 in Health & Fitness
What Makes A Good Weight Loss Plan?

Losing weight is a continuous battle that many people struggle with on a daily basis. Over the years more and more people have come to understand the implications of their weight and the major influence it has on their health, self esteem and the quality of their lives.

Although a lot of people are wishing to lose weight, not many have the means, the knowledge and the motivation to actually achieve their weight loss goals. One way to increase your chances of success in losing weight is finding a good weight loss plan.

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3 Important Elements Of A Weight Loss Plan

You will find a dizzying array of weight loss plans and programs in the market nowadays, often they promise amazing, if not miraculous, results. But you must be careful in evaluating and choosing a weight loss plan if you do not want your money, time and effort to go to waste. To help you, I have listed below three elements that should not be missing in a weight loss plan:

• Food and Nutrition

The importance of nutrition in losing weight cannot be underestimated. What you eat is basically what makes up the weight that you gain. Most weight loss plans include diet plans; but many diet plans are only good in theory or too restrictive that users end up falling off track.

When choosing a weight loss plan, you should also see to it that the diet plan within the program is realistic, affordable, healthy and balanced. Make sure that you wont have a hard time finding or putting together the food or recipes suggested in the diet plan. And also see to it that it incorporates the right mixture, balance and portion of foods from all food groups.

A lot of diet plans restrict dieters from eating foods from certain food groups, but studies reveal that these diet plans are unhealthy and may even leave you starved and hungry all the time; and  thus, increasing your risk of cheating on your diet all the time.

• Exercise

The second key component of a healthy weight loss program is exercise. Essentially the principle behind losing weight is creating a calorie deficit. Although controlling your food intake can help you do this, adding in exercise is bound to bring about an even greater impact.

By balancing the calories you eat with the number of calories you burn off through physical activity, you are sure to achieve your weight loss goals. The best weight loss plans offer clients various choices of exercise routines. There are even those that customize exercise plans specifically for each individual.

Finding a weight loss program that offers you choices or does fitness plans specifically for you would be most beneficial as there is no one-size-fits-all exercise plan that will work wonders for everyone. An effective exercise plan for you is that which is at par with your current physical state, your preference and your goals.

• Empowerment

If you believe that diet and exercise are the only two important components of a weight loss plan, then you are wrong. Diet plans and exercise routines are helpful, but often, they are only limited to a certain period or time.

To lose weight and keep it off, you need to have the knowledge and motivation to change your habits and lifestyle practices so that you can continue and sustain your weight loss efforts even when the duration of your weight loss program has ended.

A good weight loss plan doesn’t just end in giving you a structure to follow, it extends to teaching you techniques that help you incorporate new, healthy habits into your life. If you do not have the right knowledge, then you will likely fail in keeping off the weight that you have lost.

A statistical study done in 2000, showed that consumers spent approximately $35 billion to achieve weight loss products, supplements, diet plans, exercise programs, etc. There are a few helpful and effective products in the market but many offer empty promises.

Traditionally, people ran to pills and other forms of supplements to lose weight. But as more and more emphasis has been placed on holistic weight loss, people began looking for pre-structured weight loss plans which serve as health maps towards losing weight.

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