Why It Is Important To Improve Your Self Confidence

Posted on 31st January 2012 in Self-improvement
Why It Is Important To Improve Your Self Confidence

If you often find yourself in the midst of a monologue of how stupid and worthless you are, it is likely that you need help on how to improve your self confidence.

Low self-confidence is a common problem of modern-day societies. A lot of people have a negative feeling and perception of who they are and sadly, this often leads to serious situations like mental illness, violence and suicide.

Self confidence is basically how you feel about yourself. If you look at your reflection in the mirror and all you see is a stupid and weak person who never does anything right, then you most likely have a very low self-confidence.

A positive or negative self confidence is not something that you develop overnight; neither is it something that you are born with. Your self confidence is shaped by the environment , circumstances and experiences that you go through in life—it starts developing the moment you are born until you die.

Most people want to lead a happy and successful life but this can be hard to attain for those who have low self confidence.

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Possible Effects of Low Self-Confidence

  • Development of emotional and mental problems

Studies show that the majority of those diagnosed with emotional or mental problems are individuals with low self confidence. Many of those suffering from depression, dependency problems and other mental illnesses think poorly of themselves and their capacities.

Many people who have very low regard for themselves fall into depression or resort into illegal drug use because they do not see themselves capable of overcoming setbacks in life. Others become alcoholics or become mentally ill because they would rather forget the weaknesses or problems they have than face it.  These problems can also leads to physical illnesses too so it is important to remain vigilant.

  • Poor performance in school or work

A person who thinks less of himself or herself will more than likely have low grades or experience some difficulty in his or her career. Most people believe that poor performance triggers feelings of low self worth. But this is not true. Every individual has the capacity to excel and it is only our inhibitions that often keep us from doing so.

  • Lack of interpersonal relationships

Do you notice how people flock around confident and happy individuals? Well, this is because everybody wants to be surrounded by positive energy. If you have low self confidence, you will have a hard time maintaining a healthy relationship with others, not so much because they won’t like you but because you would think that you do not deserve their company.

  • People will take advantage of you

A person who has low self confidence is often indecisive and fragile. Thus, manipulative people see them as a perfect victim. If you don’t give enough credit to yourself and make decisions on your own, then there is a high chance that people will take advantage of you and will control how you live your life.

While self confidence cannot be changed overnight, it can be changed. With extra effort and determination you can achieve what you want to achieve. There are many ways to improve your self confidence. A lot of help is especially available online. If you want to, you can make your life better. Work to improve your self confidence today—today, not tomorrow or the next day.

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